Managing Your Property

Welcome to Purple Property Management specializing in property management in Dunedin, we handle both single dwellings and high-density rental properties with a streamlined, personable, and professional approach.

We understand that managing a property can be time-consuming, and we’re here to help by taking on the day-to-day responsibilities so you can better enjoy your investment. Built on a strong client-first culture, our commitment to managing your property as if it were our own ensures you receive specialist guidance and quality tenants, making owning a rental property more rewarding and enjoyable.

We Care About Your

Choosing the right tenants for your property is so important. We have a comprehensive process involving credit and background checks. We also check for any past Tribunal activity and complete criminal background checks.

Once the right tenant is in your property we do our best to care for them. We have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. We are not casual about enforcing the Residential Tenancies Act but we do it with kindness and empathy.

Twice Monthly Payments

Here at Purple Property Management we return the rent to Owners twice monthly providing a better cash flow.


Our staff are provided with expert training for property management.


We undertake to be proactive in our communication with you about all matters relating to your property. At Purple Property Management, we prioritize keeping you informed and involved, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands.


We believe the early detection of maintenance minimises the long term cost to the property. Our tradespeople are We have dedicated tradespeople and trade accounts at many major suppliers, we pass trade prices to our owners, and there are no hidden extra cost to labour.

Rent Arrears

We have a zero tolerance to rent arrears and we have very low rent arrears. We use all the resources and pathways that are available through Tenancy Services immediately there is an issue.


We charge between 8% – 10% depending on the property, whether it is residential or student, where the property is and if you undertake the maintenance yourself, and of course the size of your portfolio.

The Right Tenant

We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through focused marketing and thorough tenant screening procedures. Our proactive approach ensures that your property is occupied by reliable tenants quickly and efficiently.


Our property Owners have access to detailed reports, revenue and property information via our ‘owner portal’ making this information available from anywhere in the world.

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